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inDspotlight Countdown - Voting Instructions. Learn how to VOTE for your favorite #inDArtists and see who makes your inDspotlight Countdown: Weekly Top 10 Music Videos.



This is your chance to discover the next unsigned artist and help boost them to the top of the inDspotlight™ charts. Vote for your favorite #inDArtists and see who made the cut and who will be #1 on your show.

You WATCH, You VOTE, You DECIDE who makes the inDspotlight Countdown!

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Alexander James Rodriguez | Your Smile
Ariel Beesley | Slower Than Usual
Broken Baby | Hello From the Other Side of Hell No
Cece Teneal | First Love
Chelsea Perkins | Jewel
Dumb Blonde | Realistic Nightmare
Emma Zander | Bad Dream
Heather Cole | Good On You
Heather Cole | Mr Nice Guy
Imagine | Dreamcatcher
Jaguar Jonze | Rising Sun
JOAN | Brokenhearted
Joan | Drive All Night
Joan | One More Touch
Kirsten Collins | Rainbows
Kylie Odetta | Too Broke Too Busy
Kylie Odetta | Too Broke Too Busy
Lee Brown | Not Gonna Buy Your Love
Lee Brown | Slow
Onism E-Let_You_Go_Cover
Pedro Breeze | In Charge
Riah Michelle | It Don't Really Matter
Ryan Alexander | Super Bae
Serenity AKATDB | Serenity Now
Ships Have Sailed | Let's Just Dance
Ships Have Sailed | Stay
The Como Brothers | Cheap Talk
The Como Brothers | I See Something
The Controversy | I
Tiana Kocher | Boi
Tiana Kocher | Paint the Town
Tiana Kocher | U Tried It
Wolves | Animal
Xcedera Twins | If You Let Me
Xcedera Twins | Quarantined

RESULTS Return 1/22/21

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