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Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in being featured on the inDspotlight Countdown™.  All artists featured on the countdown are henceforth called as "inDspotlight Artists" or "inD Artists" for short. However, this is all about getting your fan base to vote for your video make it on the countdown and get you to NUMBER 1! Showcase your best!

To qualify for the countdown, you must be a unsigned or independent label artist (meaning, you do not have a contract with a major mainstream music label). Below you will find the submission guidelines for our show. 

Please make sure that you have submitted: <NO YOUTUBE LINKS>

  • Video Format: 1080p, [24, 30 or 60] FPS, 3-5 min length

    • 16:9 mp4


    • If your source material does not fit in one of the containers listed above, it will be letterboxed, pillarboxed, or resized to fit (which may distort you video)

  • a short bio/press kit (which can include any tour dates and upcoming performances) 

  • photo (Album/LP cover, Head shot, etc) so that, if chosen for on-air play, you can be properly introduced & represented

If selected, you can submit via WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or Direct Download link.

Promote your music videos, concerts, live appearances, album releases and more on inDtv.


Please note that this submission is not an infringement on the copyright or ownership of the music submitted/selected. All music submitted/played on air, are that of the submitting party. By submitting for airplay the submitting party grants legal permission to inDspotlight Productions™ (hereafter referred to as inDtv™) to use the submitted music and/or videos for broadcast (including streaming, VOD and broadcast) across inDtv™ programming and social media for promotional purposes. 

inDtv™ and its subsequent programming lay no claim to ownership of the music submitted to the show or played on air. All selected music chosen to air on inDtv™ programming will be cited/credited and artists will be notified of their selected status.


Stay tuned, Watch & Share, because you never know...

"Today's 'inD' artist(s), could be Tomorrow's Superstar!"

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