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Geo Washington


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Gilmara G. Washington (or as all of her friends know her as the infamous “Geo”) was  born in the small town of Lakewood, NJ not long after her parents migrated to the U.S from Panama. Geo grew up in various towns of Ocean County, NJ ultimately graduating from Lakewood, High School. Geo then moved to Ewing, NJ where she attended and graduated from The College of NJ with a B.A. degree in Communication and Television Production. After interning and working on a few talk shows in New York City for several months out of college she decided she wanted to travel the world and became an international flight attendant for a major airline where she is still currently employed today. 


Working behind the scenes in the world of entertainment had always been a life long dream for Geo so after flying the friendly skies for several years she decided to return back to her passion. She produced and hosted a documentary for a non-profit organization called Vital Seeds while traveling to Ethiopia on a volunteering assignment. She also enrolled herself in a Digital Video certification program at NYU in New York City where she created the idea for a travel segment called “Geo Reveals.” Although the segment was originally intended for an airline series, Geo has since then, decided to turn it into a web series, which is currently in development. 


Geo moved to Los Angeles a little over three years ago after she decided she wanted to pursue a career in TV Hosting. She is on the move continuing to pursue her passions currently a co-host on inD Films Monthly and more to come.

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