Alex Helisek

Contributor|Movie Reviewer

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Creator and CEO of Breezeway Productions,
Alex Helisek grew up on Long Island, New York, surrounded by a life of Entertainment and Theater.  
     After finishing college at SUNY Potsdam with an Archaeology Degree, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue the Entertainment Industry.
    Studying at The Art Institute of California Hollywood, he picked up the skills for videography, script structure, camera techniques, and film construction. 
     Heading out into the industry, forming relationships with Actors, Producers, Directors, Writers, Agents, Managers, Publicists, Hosts, Entertainers, Artists, from all walks of life.  They all had the passion to create amazing media content!  
    While Breezeway continues to generate material, Alex also finds himself going out for Auditions for Feature Films, Web-series, Short Films, and New Media Projects.  As of lately he just completed Season 2 of Silicon Valley, where he plays the character "Claude". 
     Be sure to checkout "The Last Ship" On TNT as well for some appearances as Naval Officer Gilliam
     Also appearing in other films like "Gone Girl" "Interstellar" "Mad Men" and much more. You can find Alex now with the "Breezeway Review" on inD Films Monthly, as he gives his take on indie movies and shorts.